Anchor Branding Design


Anchor is usually used to moor a ship to the sea bottom, stabilising the position of the ship at the pier. We took the concept of stabilisation, guidance and direction of anchor into the brand identity of Anchor – hoping to build the brand image of determination and reliability of Anchor – providing professional and comprehensive business consultancy service.

安翊國際傳訊有限公司是一間國際活動統籌及財經路演策劃公司。我們利用了他們的英文名字 Anchor 船錨為品牌視覺中心,以簡單俐落的品牌形象刻畫安翊堅定、可靠、成熟的品牌形象,配合他們的主要業務發展對象 – 國際經濟及金融行業。