Blooms Coffee

Blooms Coffee Branding Design
Blooms Coffee 品牌設計


Blooms Coffee is a sub-brand by Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea, which is a specialty coffee roaster, café, wholesaler and retailer, providing high-quality coffee and tea products. We helped creating a brand identity for the newly launched Blooms Coffee located in K11 MUSEA, by using gold and white as major colours to echo with the interior design of the space and how Blooms Coffee provides high-quality coffees to coffee lovers. We co-operated with Moses Chan, the founder of Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea, to visualise the concept of Coffee Tree into the brand. You may have a chance to get a coffee from Moses when you go visit Blooms Coffee next time!

Blooms Coffee 是一間主打精品咖啡的咖啡店,是由陳豪建立的自家咖啡品牌 Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea 延伸的實體店。我們以咖啡樹為設計藍本,和陳豪合作建立 Blooms Coffee 的品牌商標,過程中陳豪也給予了不少寶貴意見優化設計。品牌利用金色和白色為主色,配合 K11 MUSEA 的空間配色外,更能突出其優質而精緻的精品咖啡。各位如果有機會探訪 Blooms Coffee 的時候,說不定能「野生捕獲」陳豪,喝到他親自沖的咖啡呢!