Le Salon de Thé

Le Salon de Thé

Mooncake Package Design

Embrace the contemporary vibrance of Le Salon De The with our Mooncake Package Design for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Crafted in a uniquely captivating form and adorned with a lively theme, our design strives to share the joy and warmth of the season with each exquisite gift.


The Mooncake Package takes on a distinctive semi-circular shape, featuring a sliding opening structure that offers recipients an interactive experience reminiscent of receiving mooncakes from a hopping rabbit. This design strikes a delicate balance between elegance and festivity, ensuring a memorable unboxing moment for all.


The use of metallic materials and employing exquisite hot-stamped gold finishing, the mooncakes within gleam brilliantly within the box, imparting a sense of precious treasure that perfectly captures the essence of the celebrations.


Packaging Design – Illustration