TBC Brand Identity

The brand name TBC carries numerous interpretations – “to be confirmed,” “to be continued,” “to be completed”… Within the realm of TBC, their aspiration is to craft a sensorial dining experience that transcends limits and embraces boundless possibilities. Their aim is to curate a satisfying journey of flavors, accomplished through a harmonious fusion of East-Asian cuisines and contemporary recipes.

The brand identity of TBC adopts a linear graphical approach, effectively visualising the concept of endless potential. This direction serves to ignite a sense of limitless exploration, inviting customers to embark on a culinary adventure within TBC’s realm. Elements such as circles and radiant lines embellish TBC’s visual aesthetics, symbolizing the captivating allure of a tunnel. With each step taken, the world unfolded before their very eyes, revealing wonders yet unseen.


Branding Design – Packaging Design


Beyond the Dreams


As the story of TBC unfolded, people from diverse backgrounds found themselves irresistibly drawn to its magnetic pull. They ventured into the realm of this brand with open hearts and inquisitive spirits, poised to embark on a transformative odyssey. TBC became a beacon of inspiration, a sanctuary for those who dared to envision and embrace new horizons.