Tricho Hair believes that everyone deserves to be confident with their hair. Tricho Hair is here to grow your glow – restore the confidence for those who suffer from hair loss. With all-rounded experienced expertise in Trichology, Tricho Hair brings pioneering scientific solutions to prevent hair loss, revitalise hair and scalp condition both externally and physiologically under highest conditions.


Aligned with Tricho Hair’s futuristic and direct ethos, we have meticulously crafted a dynamic and technologically-driven brand identity. Our logo takes inspiration from the cross-section of a hair strand, serving as a potent symbol of Tricho Hair’s ability to see-through each hair problem, gain profound insights into every hair care concern and effectively address them with precision.


This professional and forward-looking demeanour permeates throughout our brand, extending to the creation of a striking geometric brand pattern. Employing techniques such as metallic printing and hot stamp silver printing, we visually communicate how Tricho Hair make clients’ hair glow and shine again.



Branding Design – Stationery Design – Packaging Design