The Grand Mooncake Packaging Design

The Grand’s warmth extends far beyond the confines of the Mid-Autumn Festival’s mooncake package. We believe that lantern experience is a cherished collective memory of the Mid-Autumn Festival, capable of crafting heartwarming and delightful moments for its recipients.


Our unwavering commitment to precision and the creation of an engaging Mid-Autumn festive theme led us to design the mooncake package with two tiers of boxes, enveloped in an outer sleeve adorned with an enchanting depiction of a full moon night. By unboxing the lantern-like package, recipients are treated to the captivating interplay of shadows cast by the outer sleeve, evoking a sense of warmth and togetherness emblematic of the festive season. It is a tribute to those cherished family moments that fill our hearts with joy.


Minimal linear illustrations were created in the inner box with exquisite hot-stamped gold treatment, which creates tone-on-tone visual effect with the box, adding a sense of sophistication into every intricate detail.


Packaging Design – Graphic Design – Illustration